Responsible Gambling

The basic principles of responsible play. What are the signs of gambling addiction? How to keep children away from gambling.

Khelo24bet understands the need of adopting a responsible gambling mindset, and we also want our players to enjoy themselves. A small percentage of gamers may develop an addiction to gambling, which can cause a variety of issues. Gambling should only be used as a kind of entertainment, never to the point where it interferes with your life or the lives of those around you. Playing with Khelo24bet should be enjoyable, so gamble sensibly.

Tips for Responsibly Gambling

Gambling is an amusement activity. Here are some recommendations for self-defense:

  • Do not consider gambling a means of generating income;
  • Always use money that you can afford to lose when you bet;
  • Never go again after a loss;
  • Set a budget cap;
  • Decide on a deadline;
  • Don’t gamble if you’re feeling down or angry;
  • Play gambling in moderation with other pursuits;
  • Alcohol and gambling do not mix well together.

Gambling Addiction Warning Signs

Potential warning indicators of a gambling issue include:

  • constantly considering or discussing gambling;
  • gambling over your means, either financially or in terms of time;
  • finding it challenging to limit, stop, or control one’s gambling;
  • when one stops gambling, one feels empty or lost;
  • increasing gambling in an effort to recover losses or escape debt;
  • committing crimes, selling items, and borrowing money in order to raise funds for gaming;
  • accumulating more debt due to your gaming, having delinquent payments, or experiencing other financial difficulties;
  • gambling till you lose all of your money;
  • in order to obtain the same level of thrill, one must gamble with more money or for longer lengths of time;
  • enormous highs from winning at gambling and extreme lows from losing at gaming;
  • gambling as a means of dealing with personal issues or as a means of coping with worry, despair, anger, or loneliness;
  • having less patience or being more readily frustrated when dealing with regular, everyday tasks;
  • arguing about money and gambling with friends or relatives;
  • refusing to talk about gambling with others or making up lies to hide it;
  • hiding debts, past-due notices, gains or losses from a spouse or relative;
  • gambling as opposed to going to family events or other social gatherings;
  • neglecting obligations to one’s family, household, or job due to gambling;
  • suicidal ideas brought on by the harmful impacts of gambling addiction.

Getting Support

Get assistance right now if you have any concerns about your gambling. For impartial guidance, connect with the following websites:

Keeping Children From Gambling

Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to open an account or participate in games at Khelo24bet. With the use of our verification tools, we can stop minors from using Khelo24bet. All false or dishonest information provided about a player’s age will result in a refund of all deposits and forfeiture of any winnings.

Parental authority

We advise using parental controls to limit your children’s access to the following websites if you share devices with them:


Limiting Minors’ Access

To prevent children from accessing our website, we suggest taking the following precautions, which are described below:

  • Utilize kid safety software to stop online casinos;
  • When logged in to our website, never leave the computer unattended;
  • Give kids no access to your bank account information;
  • Don’t leave the login screen’s “Save Password” option turned on;
  • Create a separate profile on the computers just for children;
  • Contact our customer service at any time for additional help.