Terms and Conditions

Before accepting these Terms and Conditions, carefully read the information provided below. Then, print and save this agreement, as well as all transaction information, laws and regulations, and payment information that apply to your use of this website.


The khelo24bet website (the “Website”) and any associated or connected services (collectively, the “Service”) will be offered to you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions outlined in the documents mentioned to and linked to below (the “Terms”).

Please read these terms carefully as they constitute a contract between us and you, our customer (the “Customer”). You agree to be governed by these Terms and any amendments that may be published from time to time by creating an account (the “Account”) and using the Service.

If something seems unclear to you, please get in touch with us using the information provided below.

When registering a Khelo24bet account, you must give an email address (“Registered Email Address”) in order for Khelo24bet to contact with you: Khelo24bet will communicate with you 

solely by email: [email protected].

We reserve the right to change the terms at any time, including any documents that are mentioned or linked to below. We might not notify you in advance if the change is not significant. If there are significant changes to the terms, you will be notified in advance and may need to affirm your agreement to the amended terms again before the changes take effect. You must immediately stop using the service and the termination clauses below will take effect if you object to any such modifications. Your willingness to be bound by such modifications is indicated by your continued use of the service. The pre-existing terms will apply to any bets that are not resolved prior to the new terms taking effect.

If you ever have any questions about how to use the service or make bets, you should refer back to these terms or get in touch with our customer service department at [email protected].

Your Responsibilities

In all instances of using the Service, you agree to:

You can enter into a legally enforceable agreement with us if you are at least 18 years old (or at least the age of majority as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction that applies to you).

It is the User’s duty to confirm and access this website only if they are in a nation where using the service to place bets is legal (if in doubt, you should seek local legal advice). You are in charge of making sure your usage of the service is legal.

You have the right to transmit money to us if you are the authorized user of the debit/credit card or other payment method you use, for example.

By using the Services and/or placing bets, you agree that you won’t ever be in a situation where you might have an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest.

You have never attempted to avoid paying a wager’s liability or failed to do so.

You are not speaking on behalf of anyone else or with any ulterior motives other than your own, as a private individual acting in your own right.

You could lose all or part of the money you deposited with us in compliance with these terms by placing bets, and you would be entirely responsible for that loss.

You may only use the service for legal betting purposes, and you may not attempt to manipulate any market or service feature in bad faith or in a way that compromises the Service’s or our reputation for integrity.

You must not use any information received in violation of any laws in effect in the nation you were in at the time the wager was placed when placing bets on the service.

In order to avoid a responsibility that was properly incurred, you must make all payments to us in good faith and refrain from attempting to have payments reversed or from doing anything that would lead to that payment being reversed by a third party.

Other than that, you must always and for all bets placed through the service act in good faith in reference to us.


When utilizing the service, you acknowledge and accept that:

We retain the right, in our sole discretion, and without any obligation to provide a reason, to decline to accept a registration application from any applicant in order to safeguard the integrity of the service or for other operational reasons.

You must personally complete the registration form and read and agree to these terms before using the service. We will require you to become a verified customer, which includes passing certain tests, before you can begin using the site to bet. You might need to present a legitimate form of identification as well as any other papers that might be requested.

A picture ID (such as a copy of a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card) and, at the very least, a recent utility bill with your name and address listed on it serve as proof of residency. Until the necessary information is received, we retain the right to halt wagering or restrict Account choices on any Account. This process is done in compliance with the relevant gambling laws and the anti-money laundering legal standards and is mandated by statute. Additionally, you must fund your Khelo24bet Account using one of the payment options listed on our website’s payment section.

You are required to submit correct and complete information about yourself, including a legal first and last name, home address, and email address. You must also update this information as necessary to maintain it accurate and complete. You are in charge of updating your contact information on your account. If you don’t do this, you can miss out on essential account-related messages and information from us, such as updates to these terms. 

Our customers are identified and contacted using their registered email address. It is the customer’s obligation to keep an active and distinct email account, to give us the right email address, and to let Khelo24bet know if their email address changes. To avoid unauthorized use of his registered email address by any third party, each Customer is solely responsible for maintaining its security. Any losses or damages thought to have come from conversations between Khelo24bet and the Customer using the Registered Email Address are not the responsibility of Khelo24bet. 

Customers whose email addresses cannot be reached by Khelo24bet will have their accounts suspended until we get them. If you knowingly provide fraudulent or inaccurate personal information, we will immediately suspend your Account and give you written notification to that effect. In certain situations, we may also take legal action against you for doing so and/or inform the appropriate authorities so they can take action against you as well.

Only one Account may be registered with the service by you. If it is discovered that you have more than one Account registered with us, such Accounts may be immediately closed.

This includes the use of agents, family, friends, colleagues, affiliates, connected individuals, related parties, and/or third parties acting on your behalf.

We reserve the right to use any third-party information sources we deem essential to verify your creditworthiness and validate your identification.

Your password for the service must be kept private. We are allowed to assume that bets, deposits, and withdrawals have been made by you if the requested Account information has been correctly provided. We advise you to regularly change your password and to never share it with anybody. Passwords must be at least eight characters long and include at least one letter, one number, and one special character. You are in charge of keeping your password secure, and any costs associated with failing to do so are entirely your responsibility. At the conclusion of each session, you must log out of the Service. You must immediately tell us via email at [email protected] using your registered email address if you suspect any of your Account information is being misused by a third party, your Account has been compromised, or your password has been found by a third party.

In the event that your registered email address has been compromised, you are required to contact us. We may, however, ask for additional information or evidence in order to confirm your identity. Once we become aware of such an incidence, we shall promptly suspend your Account. In the interim, whether or not you authorized a third party’s access to your Account, you are still in charge of any activity on it.

No information or content on the service may ever be sent to another customer or a third party via screen capture (or another similar method), nor may it ever be displayed in a frame or in any other way that differs from how it would appear to that customer or third party if they had manually typed the service’s URL into their browser;

You must select the currency in which you want to run your account when you register. Your deposits, withdrawals, and bets placed and matched into the service in accordance with these terms will be made in this currency. Not all currencies can be processed by all payment methods. In some circumstances, a processing currency will be shown, and the page will also provide a conversion tool.

Our internet sign-up page is only an invitation to treat; we are not obligated to open an account for you. We are not obligated to give you a justification for our rejection to open an account for you if we decide not to do so. It is entirely up to our sole discretion whether or not to move through with the account opening process for you.

Upon receiving your application, we could get in touch with you to ask for more details and/or supporting paperwork so that we can meet our legal and regulatory requirements.

Restricted Use

If you are not legally able to enter into a binding legal agreement with us or if you are under the age of 18 (or the age of majority as specified by the laws of the jurisdiction that applies to you), you may not use the Service.

  • to unlawfully use any method (such as sending spam, other unsolicited e-mails, or framing the Service or creating links to it) to gather the usernames, email addresses, and/or other information of other customers;
  • to interfere with, unreasonably affect, or exert influence on the activities of other customers, or the general operation of the service;
  • to spread unsolicited affiliate links, commercial ads, and other types of solicitation, all of which may have their content removed from the service without prior notice.

Neither may you buy a player account from a third party nor can you sell or transfer your account to them.

Transferring money between player accounts is not permitted in any way.

If you use the Service in an unauthorized manner, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your Account upon written notice to you. Depending on the situation, we might also sue you for doing it.


We strictly adhere to these Terms and our Privacy Policy while handling any information you disclose to us.

Unless the information is legally required by competent authorities like regulators, the police (to look into fraud, money laundering, or sports integrity issues), financial entities like banks or payment providers, or as occasionally permitted by the Privacy Policy, we will not publicly disclose the identity of any person who places bets using the service.

Your information will be kept in our database once you register. As a result, your personal information may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that might not offer the same degree of security and protection as the EU or EEA. By accepting these Terms, you consent to the transmission of your personal data as further described in our Privacy Policy for the purpose of providing the Service that is the subject of this agreement.

Your Account 

We accept a variety of currencies for Accounts.For using the service, we do not give credit.

If you are not complying with these Terms, or if we have any reasonable grounds to think that you are not complying with these Terms, we may close or suspend an Account and refund any funds that have been kept. We might not always be able to notify you beforehand.

We reserve the right to close a customer’s account immediately and refund all money. However, already-matured duties under contracts will be honored.

Any wager may be declined, restricted, canceled, or limited at any moment for any reason, including any wager that appears to have been placed dishonestly in an effort to get around our betting caps and/or system rules.

We reserve the right to cancel and/or nullify any of your bets if we close or suspend your account as a result of your violation of these conditions.

If any money is inadvertently credited to your account, it still belongs to us. If this happens, we will let you know and take the money out of your account.

You will owe us the amount overdrawn if your account becomes overdrawn for any reason.

Any problems relating to your Account must be reported to us right away by you.

The option to self-exclude from khelo24bet.com is available to users. These inquiries must be made to support at khelo24bet.com from the customer’s registered email address.

Customers have the option of limiting how much they are willing to risk and lose. Such a request must be submitted to [email protected] from the customer’s registered email address. The implementation and raising of limits will be handled carefully, but any requests for their removal or reduction must wait until seven days have passed after your initial request.

Your Account cannot be given away, sold, or pledged to any party. The transfer of any valuable assets of any kind is prohibited, including but not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, rights, and/or claims relating to these assets, whether in a legal, commercial, or other context. The encumbrance, pledging, assignment, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation, and/or gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal person, foundation, and/or association in any way shape or form are also prohibited. However, this restriction does not apply to all of these actions.

Send an email to [email protected] from your registered email address if you want to close your account with us.

Funds’ Deposit

Any of the ways listed on our website can be used to deposit money into your account. All deposits must be made in the same currency as your account, and any deposits made in any other currency will be converted using the current exchange rate as determined by our own bank or by using the daily rate acquired from www.oanda.com, and then placed into your account as appropriate.

Deposits and withdrawals made by customers may be subject to fees and charges. You are accountable for any bank fees you may incur as a result of making a deposit with us. The “Payment Options” pages on our website list the exceptions to this restriction.

Credit and debit card deposits are processed by third-party electronic payment processors rather than by Khelo24bet directly because we are not a banking institution. Your Account will only be credited if we get an approval and authorisation code from the payment issuing institution when you make a credit card or debit card deposit. Your account won’t be credited with that money if the issuer of your card refuses to grant that authorization.

Depending on the currency of your account, your money is deposited and maintained in the appropriate client account.

Since we are not a financial institution, any interest that accrues on the client accounts will be paid to us rather than to you on any outstanding account balances.

You cannot deposit money that was obtained illegally with us.

Funds’ Withdrawal

In accordance with the transaction maximums listed on the website, you may withdraw part or all of your account balance.

Unless otherwise specified by us, all withdrawals must be performed in the currency of your account.

Before authorizing any withdrawals from your Account, we have the right to require proof for identity verification. Throughout the course of your engagement with us, we also reserve the right to ask for these documents.

All withdrawals must be made using the same debit or credit card, bank account, or other payment method that was used to fund your Khelo24bet Account initially. We may, and always at our own discretion, let you withdraw money to a payment method other than the one used to make your initial deposit. There will always be additional security checks conducted on this.

If your account is inaccessible, inert, locked, or closed but you need to withdraw money, please email our customer service department at help khelo24bet.

Payment Processors and Transactions

All money owed to us must be paid in full by you. In order to avoid a responsibility that was properly incurred, you must make all payments to us in good faith and refrain from attempting to have payments reversed or from doing anything that would lead to that payment being reversed by a third party. Any charge-backs, payment denials, or payment reversals you make, as well as any losses we incur as a result, are all subject to reimbursement by you. We reserve the right to charge you an administration fee, or the equivalent in local currency, for any charge-back, payment denial, or payment reversal you make.

We reserve the right to process payments made by you using merchant banks or third-party electronic payment processors, and you agree to be bound by their terms and conditions as long as you are made aware of them and they do not conflict with these Terms.

To avoid money laundering and terrorism financing, all transactions conducted on our website may be scrutinized. Depending on the jurisdiction that is in charge of the transaction, suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate authority.